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Saturday, April 27th 2019
Session time
08h30 - 09h30
Dermoscopy and confocal microscopy cases 1
ROOM 151
Philippe BAHADORAN (France)
Josep MALVEHY (Spain)
Dimitris SGOUROS (Greece)
08h30 - 08h45
equivocal hypomelanotic lesion or regressive lesion (melanoma vs nevus); Difficult BCC; Lichen planus like keratosis simulating melanoma in dermoscopy
Caterina LONGO (Italy)
08h45 - 09h00
vulvar melanosis vs MM; Nail melanonychia (melanoma vs benign lesion); melanoma during vemurafenib or immunotherapy treatment
Mona AMINI-ADLER (France)
09h00 - 09h15
basal cell carcinoma (dermoscopy, OCT and confocal), squamous cell carcinoma (Bowen), melanoma vs nevus
Mariano SUPPA (Belgium)
09h15 - 09h30
early LMM (diagnosis, margins, management, recurrences,..); Benign equivocal flat pigmented lesion on the face; Case of ex-vivo confocal in Mohs surgery (multimodal)
Susanna PUIG (Spain)

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