E-posters list

P001 | Genomic aberrations may predict positive sentinel lymph node biopsy in melanoma of young adults
Ma S.*, Vivar K., Sondak V., Messina J. (United States)
P002 | Stromal gene expression predicts sentinel lymph node metastasis of primary cutaneous melanoma
Sominidi-Damodaran S.*, Arias Mejias S., Pittelkow M. R., Lehman J. S., Hieken T. J., van Vliet M. H., Dwarkasing J., Bellomo D., Meves A. (United States)
P003 | Usefulness of the “two-step method” of digital follow-up in early stage melanoma detection in at high risk french patients - a retrospective study
Gasparini G., Madjlessi N., Delyon J., Carmisciano L., Brahimi N., Bagot M., Basset-Seguin N., Battistella M., Lebbé C., Herms F., Baroudjian B.* (France)
P004 | Association between breslow thickness and dermoscopic findings in melanoma
Rodriguez Kowalczuk M. V.*, Martinez Piva M. M., Vacas A., Gallo F., Rodrigues Vasconcelos R. M., Lisa Eliceche M., Kowalczuk A. M., Mazzuoccolo L. (Argentina)
P005 | Whole-body MRI including diffusion weighted imaging for the surveillance of melanoma patients at high risk for recurrence
Jansen Y. J. L.*, inneke W., Brussaard C., Neyns B. (Belgium)
P006 | Development and validation of a nomogram to assess sentinel node biopsy positivity in melanoma patients
Bertolli E.*, Calsavara V. F., Macedo M. P. D., Pinto C. A. L., Duprat Neto J. P. (Brazil)
P007 | Epidemiological study of adjuvant treatments from the French national melanoma database RIC-MEL
Varey E.*, Dalle S., Lesimple T., Montaudié H., Guillot B., Mortier L., Leccia M.-T., Skowron F., Celerier P., Meyer N., Khammari A., Lebbé C., Dreno B. and RIC-Mel network (France)
P008 | Clinical significance of braf/nras concurrent mutations in a clinic-based metastatic melanoma cohort
Del Regno L., Louveau B., Baroudjian B., Sadoux A., Battistella M., Delyon J., Basset Seguin N., Lebbe C., Mourah S., Jouenne F.* (France)
P009 | MIR-193A as therapeutic agent in cutaneous melanoma
Carpi S.*, Polini B., Romanini A., Nieri P. (Italy)
P010 | Molecular genetic testing of ocular melanoma (uveal and conjunctival melanoma)
Nazarova V.*, Orlova K., Natalia M., Utyashev I., Demidov L. (Russian Federation)
P011 | Response to chemotherapy after immunotherapy in 19 advanced melanoma patients
Saint-Jean M.*, Fronteau C., Peuvrel L., Clapeau E., Sourisseau A., Daguzé J., Muguet L., Khammari A., Varey E., Quéreux G., Dréno B. (France)
P012 | The importance of pharmacists for dabrafenib and trametinib use in real-life: analysis of data from pharmaceutical consultations since 2016
Davoine C.*, Cartier F., Toulemonde-Deldicque A., Laly P., Lebbé C., Baroudjian B., Delyon J., Madelaine I. (France)
P013 | severe Gastrointestinal toxicity of MEK inhibitors: a 5-year monocentric experience
Baroudjian B.*, Mourad N., Lourenco N., Delyon J., Eftekhari P., Bertheau P., Allayous C., Pagès C., Allez M., Lebbé C. and PATIO (France)
P014 | Immune-related hepatitis: clinical aspect and proposed management
Gauci M.-L.*, Baroudjian B., Bédérède U., Zéboulon C., Delyon J., Allayous C., Bagot M., Madelaine I., Resche-Rigon M., Poté N., Bouattour M., Roux O., Lebbé C. and PATIO group (France)
P015 | Impact of radiotherapy administered simultaneously with systemic treatment in patients with melanoma brain metastases
Tetu P.*, Allayous C., Oriano B., Dalle S., Mortier L., Leccia M.-T., Guillot B., Dalac S., Dutriaux C., Lacour J.-P., Saiag P., Brunet-Possenti F., De Quatrebarbes J., Stoebner P.-E., Legoupil D., Beylot-Barry M., Lesimple T., Aubin F., Dreno B., Mohamed S., Ballon A., Porcher R., Lebbé C. (France)
P016 | Improving patient experience of immunotherapy treatment for melanoma: the leeds nurse-led immunotherapy telephone clinic
Marples M.*, Jackson H., Nicholson H., Ryder B., Ingham K., Hook J. (United Kingdom)
P017 | Cutaneous eruption as a prognosis indicator for cancer patients treated with EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors: a meta-analysis
Wang Y.*, Wu J., Chung W. (United States)
P018 | A study on confidence in classification of skin lesions by deep neural networks
Van Molle P.*, Verbelen T., Vankeirsbilck B., Mylle S., Verhaeghe E., Brochez L., De Vylder J., Diricx B., Simoens P., Dhoedt B. (Belgium)
P019 | Diagnostics of skin melanoma and changes in benign nevi during pregnancy (in pregnant women) based on optical and digital dermoscopy in Belarus
Prakoshyn A.*, Aliaksandr Z., Lud N. (Belarus)
P020 | Primary cutaneous melanoma with microsatellite metastases presenting as an amelanotic nodule on the ear
Zarras A., Plaka M., Dessinioti C.*, Champsas G., Christofidou E., Gogas H., Stratigos A. J. (Greece)
P021 | High level of the cytokine P-STAT5 in locally invasive cutaneous melanoma tissue is protective of melanoma-specific death
Chong S., Rowe C., Claeson M.*, Malt M., Smithers B. M., Green A. C., Khosrotehrani K. (Australia)
P022 | Liquid biopsy melanoma: MCAM and ABCB5 enrichment and molecular biomarkers characterization allow to define high-risk disease progression phenotype
Rapanotti M. C.*, Suarez Viguria T. M., Campione E., Giulia S., Galeota M., Rossi P., Bernardini S., Luca B. (Italy)
P023 | Accuracy assessment of a real-time skin cancer diagnostic device based on laser spectroscopy and deep learning Algorithm using aesthetic lasers
Pyun S. H.*, Munavalli G., Goo B., Min W. (United States)
P024 | Intraoperative portable large field of view gamma camera improves node detection in patients with melanoma undergoing sentinel lymph node biopsy
Kozlov A.*, Hall N., Terando A. (United States)
P025 | Ex vivo dermoscopy with derm dotting and targeted sectioning in pigmented skin lesions: better diagnosis in less time
Haspeslagh M.*, Clauwaert V., Taildeman J., Facchetti F., Brochez L. (Belgium)
P026 | Trends in sentinel lymph node biopsy enactment for cutaneous melanoma in the netherlands: more performed, lower yield
El Sharouni M.-A.*, Witkamp A., Sigurdsson V., van Diest P. (Netherlands)
P027 | A pediatric case of a difficult melanocytic lesion
Iuliana Elena N.*, Cristina Mihaela C., Sinziana D., Ana Maria P., Doru C., Irina M. (Romania)
P028 | The DERMSCAN project: development of a new type of digital dermatoscope for diagnosis and follow-up of skin cancer
Mylle S.*, Garmyn M., De Smedt J., Janssen L., Boone M., Bonny M., Suys E., Maes N., van Kelst S., Verhaeghe E., Brochez L. (Belgium)
P029 | Sentinel node biopsy for malignant melanoma - a new service in Northern Ireland
Croitoru C.*, Nelson A., Diggin P. (United Kingdom)
P030 | Amelanotic acral melanoma mimicking a plantar wart
Gasparini G., Cioni M.*, Cozzani E., Parodi A. (Italy)
P031 | The incidence of various types of skin tumors in patients without complaints of tumors in primary care dermatology
Vertieva E., Allenova A.*, Lepekhova A., Teplyuk N., Olisova O. (Russian Federation)
P032 | Missed opportunities for melanoma detection in secondary care
Quinlan C.*, McCracken S., Tierney E., Heffron C., Fitzgibbon J., Murphy C., Bourke J. F., Murphy M. (Ireland)
P033 | Early access dermatology consultation for suspicious skin lesions as a new way for early detection of skin cancer in the general population
Mylle S.*, Hoorens I., Verhaeghe E., Brochez L. (Belgium)
P034 | Mycosis fungoides-type cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (MF-CTCL) epidemiology in UK: new insights for an accurate estimation
D'Agostino P.*, Kent A., Sharp E., Turini M. (Switzerland)
P035 | Factors influencing early detection of nodular melanoma
Baltas E.*, Kovacs N., Csanyi I., Ócsai H., Kemeny L., Olah J. (Hungary)
P036 | Phase I study of KX2-391 ointment 1%, a novel field treatment based on SRC/tubulin polymerisation inhibition in subjects with actinic keratosis
Jarratt M.*, Wang H., Cutler D., Fang J., Kwan R. (United States)
P037 | Histological details of basal cell carcinoma in reflectance confocal microscopy
Pogorzelska-Antkowiak A.*, Antkowiak L., Antkowiak R. (Poland)
P038 | Study of skin neoplasms in a university hospital: integration of
anatomopathological records and its interface with the literature
Rezende H. D., Dos Santos De Araujo A. G.*, De Almeida L. M., De Almeida A. P. M., Nahn Junior E. P., Miotto J. B. D. M. (Brazil)
P039 | Neglected giant basal cell carcinoma: low mortality, but high morbidly in a case report
Dos Santos De Araujo A. G.*, Nahn Junior E. P., Rezende H. D., De Almeida L. M., De Almeida A. P. M., Miotto J. B. D. M. (Brazil)
P040 | The current situation of skin cancer in Madagascar
Aina A.*, Lovasoa T., Malala R., Fandresena S., Lala Soavina R., Florine R., Fahafahantsoa R. R. (Madagascar)
P041 | Impact of dermoscopy: a non-invasive useful tool for organ transplant patients in developing country
Joshi M. D.* (Nepal)
P042 | A case of 4 synchronous cutaneous melanomas: genotype, phenotype or lifestyle?
Gasparini G.*, Cioni M., Ciccarese G., Cozzani E., Bruno W., Parodi A. (Italy)
P043 | The role of microRNAS in multiple primary cutaneous melanomas
Dika E.*, Lambertini M., Patrizi A., Broseghini E., Porcellini E., Riefolo M., Baraldi C., Ferracin M. (Italy)
P044 | App-based monitoring of patients with metastatic malignant melanoma under ongoing system therapy
Lutze S., Arnold A.*, Berndt R.-D., Juenger M. (Germany)
P045 | Secondary primary non-melanoma tumors in patients with primary and metastatic cutaneous melanoma
Dimitriou F.*, Mangana J., Curioni-Fontecedro A., Rechsteiner M., Braun R. P., Dummer R., Cheng P. F. (Switzerland)
P046 | Real world evidence data of stage iii and iv melanoma with focus on adjuvant patients within a 4-week period at German skin cancer centers
Eigentler T.*, Gesierich A., Kiecker F., Meiss F., Schlaak M., Haferkamp S., Utikal J., Meissner M., Ulrich J., Gutzmer R. (Germany)
P047 | Ear reconstruction with autologous cartilage in patient with auricular melanoma malignum after partial resection
Gavrilova I. I.*, Firmin F. (Bulgaria)
P048 | Melanocytic proliferations of the central nervous system: a spectrum to be known
Dumitru A. S.*, Tétu P., Hau E., Roux J., Delyon J., Carpentier A., Bagot M., Mourah S., Battistella M., Capelle L., Valéry C. A., Bernat A. L., Guillerm S., Mazeron J. J., Baroudjian B., Lebbé C. (Romania)

P049 | Epidemiological characteristics and survival of a cohort patients with cutaneous melanoma in Montevideo, Uruguay in the period 2008-2017

Amarillo D.*, De Boni D., Schiavonne A., Brayer C., Giachero V., Palacios C., Tambasco C., Nantes F., Krygier G. (Uruguay)

P050 | Two different tumours - melanoma and SCC on the burn scar
Petrovic-Popovic D. Z.*, Novakovic M., Jeremic J., Jovic M., Bojicic B. (Serbia)
P051 | Lichenoid reaction in a patient with metastatic melanoma under pembrolizumab
Gomes N.*, Esteves M., Antunes I., Marques A., Azevedo F. (Portugal)
P052 | Bullous lichen planus after imiquimod and nivolumab
Costedoat I.*, Dousset L., Gerard E., Prey S., Dutriaux C., Beylot-Barry M., Pham-ledard A. (France)
P053 | Describe III update: a retrospective analysis of dabrafenib and/or dabrafenib + trametinib in patients) with metastatic melanoma
Atkinson V. G.*, Quaglino P., Aglietta M., Del Vecchio M., Depenni R., Consoli F., Bafaloukos D., Ferrucci P. F., Tulyte S., Krajsova I., Ascierto P. A., Pinotti G., Arance A., Gogas H., Saliba T., Jong E. D., Neyns B. (Australia)
P054 | Influence of fixed-dose nivolumab on thyroid function due to usage change
Tanaka H.*, Takahashi K., Atagi K., Honda Y., Yamaguchi K., Kaji M., Kosaka S., Houchi H. (Japan)
P055 | T-type calcium channel blockade impairs migration/invasion of BRAFV600E vemurafenib resistant melanoma cells depending on PTEN status
Sisó P., Barceló C., Maiques O., Soria X., Matias-Guiu X., Marti R. M.*, Macià A. (Spain)
P056 | Bilayered, non-cross-linked collagen matrix for regeneration of facial defects after skin cancer removal
Ghanaati S.* (Germany)
P057 | Cold plasma as a new treatment option in dermatologic oncology
Daeschlein G.*, Arnold A., Hillmann A., Sicher C., von Podewils S., Jünger M. (Germany)
P058 | correlation between blood cell count and outcome of melanoma patients treated with anti-PD-1 antibodies
Nakamura Y.*, Fujmoto M., Fujisawa Y. (Japan)
P059 | Evaluation of anti-tumoral response after discontinuation of anti-PD1 immunotherapy in patients with metastatic melanoma
Janela-Lapert R.*, Litrowski N., Duval-Modeste A.-B., Joly P. (France)
P060 | Nivolumab and ipilimumab – multiple immune-mediated adverse events and a complete response: a single case report
Ressler J.*, Höller C. (Austria)
P061 | Adverse events need for hospitalization and systemic immunosuppression in very elderly patients treated with ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma
Gérard E.*, Leroy V., Dutriaux C., Prey S., Mertens C., Beylot-Barry M., Pham-Ledard A. (France)
P062 | Efficacy of imatinib on two mutated mucosal melanomas CKIT
Marion M.*, Christophe B., romain P. (France)
P063 | Isolated limb perfusion in patients with limb melanoma. The experience of single institute
Petrochenko N.*, Rybaya O., Kharatishvili T. (Russian Federation)
P064 | Safety of target therapy and immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma in pediatric population: a rare case of advanced juvenile melanoma
Zottarelli F.*, Roberto G., Gironi L. C., Farinelli P., Sponghini A. P., Rondonotti D., Savoia P. (Italy)
P065 | Immunotherapy in melanoma – the importance of early recognition of its side effects
Martins C. A.*, Rato M. (Portugal)
P066 | Management of system therapy of metastatic malignant melanoma considering secondary malignancies
Arnold A.*, Lutze S., Jünger M. (Germany)
P067 | Hematological side effects of immune checkpoint inhibitors
Strasser E.*, Hackstein H., Heinzerling L. (Germany)
P068 | Limb preservation with isolated limb infusion for locally advanced cutaneous melanoma
Teras J.*, Teras M. (Estonia)
P069 | Advanced squamous cell carcinoma on pembrolizumab: failure and new considerations
Corneli P.*, Vernoni S., Conforti C., Vezzoni R., Retrosi C., Farinazzo E., Moret A., Longone M., Vichi S., Fagotti S., di Meo N., Magaton Rizzi G., Zalaudek I. (Italy)
P070 | Merkel cell carcinoma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: case series and literature review
Strzałka A.*, Nejc D., Jeziorski A. (Poland)
P071 | Mechanobiology-based prediction of invasiveness of non-melanoma skin tumors
Kortam S., Merkher Y., Kramer A., Metanes I., Ad-El D., Har-shai Y., Weihs D.* (Israel)
P072 | Mogamulizumab efficacy by prior systemic therapy in patients previously treated for cutaneous t-cell lymphoma: a mavoric post-hoc analysis
Scarisbrick J.*, Zinzani P. L., Horwitz S., Kim Y. H., Moskowitz A. J., Porcu P., Leoni M., Dwyer K., Sun W., Nikonova E., Bagot M. (United Kingdom)
P073 | patterns of perineural invasion and prognosis in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. A multicenter, retrospective cohort study
Cañueto J.*, Conde-Ferreirós A., Jaka A., Santos-Briz Á., Fuente M. J., Podlipnik S., Pujol R., Toll A., Román-Curto C. (Spain)
P074 | Survival in a UK cohort of patients with stage III and IV merkel cell carcinoma before the availability of first line immunotherapy
Hamada M.*, Nathan P. (United Kingdom)
P075 | Resminostat for treatment of patients with advanced stage MF or SS that have achieved disease control with systemic therapy – the Resmain study
Stadler R.*, Scarisbrick J., Knobler R., Quaglino P., Borgmann M., Orlovius M., Krauss B., Reimann P., Danhauser-Riedl S. (Germany)
P076 | Dermal invasion and lymph node status predict survival and postoperative relapse in extramammary paget’s disease: a role of sentinel lymph node biopsy
Endo Y.*, Kabashima K. (Japan)
P077 | Efficacy of electrochemotherapy versus combination vismodegib and photodynamic therapy in patients with multiple basal cell carcinomas
Goldust M.* (Iran, Islamic Republic Of)
P079 | Comparison of tumor interstitial fluid-extraction methods for proteome analysis in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma
Matas-Nadal C.*, Aguayo-Ortiz R., Bech-Serra J. J., Guasch M., Casanova Seuma J. M., De La Torre Gómez C., Gari E. (Spain)
P080 | Development of an organotypic epithelial raft culture model of merkel cell carcinoma
Temblador A.*, Topalis D., Andrei G., Snoeck R. (Belgium)
P081 | Fibroepithelioma of pinkus reloaded. An immunohistochemical study with stem cell markers: case series of 15 cases
Alegría Landa V.*, Mendoza Cembranos M. D., Santonja C., Kutzner H., Requena L. (Spain)
P082 | Incidence and recurrence of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans in the netherlands between 1989-2016
Lee L. V., Kan W., Gran S., Mooyaart A., Mureau M., Williams H., Matin R., van den Bos R., Hollestein L.* (Netherlands)
P083 | Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: clinical and epidemiological aspects among the population of Ukraine
Oshyvalova O.* and Olena Oshyvalova (Ukraine)
P084 | Gorlin-Goltz syndrome in young patients: an often-missed diagnosis
Moisejenko Golubovica J.*, Muceniece J., Volkov O., Ivanova A., Groma V. (Latvia)
P085 | rapidly growing eccrine porocarcinoma of the leg. Does a sun-exposure have a role?
Javor S.*, Antonelli C. T., Cabiddu F. (Italy)
P086 | Spontaneous regression in merkel cell carcinoma. case report
Cozzani R. P.*, Ferrua C., Molinari N., Rivero M., Nikisch L., del Aguila R. (Argentina)
P087 | A case of penile metastasis from advanced renal cell carcinoma
Hashimoto Y.*, Mitsui A., Miyake A., Oka K., Horita A., Saito I., Ohmatsu H. (Japan)
P088 | ALK expression in merkel cell carcinoma in 232 cases
Mendoza-Cembranos M. D.*, Alegría-Landa V., Santonja C., Piris M. Á., Requena L., Kutzner H. (Spain)
P089 | Efficacy and safety profile of vismodegib in a real-world setting cohort of patients with advanced basal cell carcinoma
Cozzani R.*, del Aguila R., Carrizo M., Sanchez S., Gonzalez A. (Argentina)
P090 | Accuracy of ultra-high-frequency ultrasound imaging to measure basal cell carcinoma thickness: a pilot study
Bahadoran P.*, Poissonnet G., Sudaka A., Cardot-Leccia N., Mazellier S., Guardoli D., Passeron T., Lacour J.-P., Raffaelli C. and Groupe Imagerie Cutanée de la Société Française de Dermatologie (France)
P091 | nicotine patch and basalcell carcinoma. Possible cause of skin cancer
Teras M.*, Teras J. (Estonia)
P092 | Cutaneous malignant chondroid syringoma with nodal relapse: a case report and literature review
Bertolli E.*, Barbosa A. D. A. L., Teixeira Filho F. R., Lellis R. F., Pinto C. A. L., Pellizzon A. C. A., Duprat Neto J. P. (Brazil)
P093 | A review on laser therapy for basal cell carcinoma
Kash N., Silapunt S.* (United States)
P094 | Dermoscopy of unusual case of a giant pigmented bowen disease
P095 | Widely spread unilateral inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal nevus
Khalidi M.*, hjira N., boui M. (Morocco)
P097 | Highly aggressive squamous cell carcinoma: a case report
Paunescu A.-M.*, Beiu C., Nitu I. E., Sandru F. (Romania)
P098 | A historical case of a giant marjolin ulcer on old burn scar
Elgaitibi F. A.*, KHEIRI A., MEZIANE M., Hassam B. and N. Ismaili; L. Benzekri; K. Senouci (Morocco)
P099 | Squamous cell carcinoma over lower limb in an Indian patient with disseminated discoid lupus erythematosus
Bhargava S.*, Kumar U., Varma K. (India)
P100 | Merkel cell carcinoma of the buttock: a case report and review
Khalidi M.*, Hjira N., Boui M. (Morocco)
P101 | DNA methylation of tumor suppressor gene p15INK4B in non-melanoma skin cancer in renal transplant recipients compared to non-transplant patients
Ruelas-Villavicencio A. L.* and Ana Lilia Ruelas-Villavicencio, Beatriz Sanchez-Hernandez, Luis Eduardo Morales-Buenrostro, Osvaldo Mutchinick-Baringoltz, Braulio Martinez-Benitez, Judith Dominguez-Cherit (Mexico)
P102 | Frailty screening in dermato-oncology practice; a modified Delphi study
van Winden M. E. C.*, Garcovich S., Peris K., de Jong E. M. G. J., Hamaker M. E., van de Kerkhof P. C. M., Lubeek S. F. K. (Netherlands)
P103 | Descriptive study of spontaneous nevus involution in a series of 74 patients with atypical nevus syndrome under siascopy digital follow-up
Moreno S., Maiques O., Gatius S., Vea A., Barrera J., Barcelo C., Santacana M., Soria X., Matias-Guiu X., Marti R. M.* (Spain)
P104 | Percutaneous hepatic perfusion with melphalan using the Delcath system's GEN2 hemofiltration system in patients with ocular melanoma liver metastases
Meijer T. S.*, Burgmans M. C., de Leede E. M., de Geus-Oei L.-F., Boekestijn B., Handgraaf H. J. M., Hilling D. E., Lutjeboer J., Martini C. H., van Erkel A. R., van der Meer R. W., Sitsen E. M., Speetjens F. M., Tijl F. G., Kapiteijn E., Vahrmeijer A. L. (Netherlands)
P105 | Quality of life assessment in French patients with metastatic melanoma in real life
Kandel M.*, Allayous C., Bardet A., Dalle S., Mortier L., Dutriaux C., Guillot B., leccia M.-T., Dalac S., Legoupil D., Saiag P., Montaudie H., Arnault J.-P., Brunet-Possenti F., Grob J.-J., de Quatrebarbes J., Beylot-Barry M., Lesimple T., Aubin F., maubec E., Granel-Brocard F., Stoebner P.-E., Dupuy A., Dreno B., Michiels S., Lebbe C., Borget I. (France)
P106 | Importance of color consistency in digital dermoscopy
Diricx B., Vermeir T., Van Hoey G., Kimpe T.* (Belgium)
P107 | Papuloerythroderma of Ofuji as a clinical manifestation of primary Sézary syndrome in a patient of mediterranean origin
Papadavid E., Diakomopoulos A.*, Kokkalis G., karali V. (Greece)
P108 | Effect of a dermoscopy training course on the ability of dermatologists to diagnose skin lesions
Oh H.*, Park J. H., Moon H. R. (Korea, Republic Of)
P109 | Bourneville-pringle disease: the misleading acne!!
Khalidi M.*, Hjira N., Boui M. (Morocco)
P110 | oncological implications of biological therapies, with specific focus on skin cancer
Ócsai H.*, Keszthelyi P., Baltás E., Oláh J., Kovács L., Keszthelyi P., Kemény L. (Hungary)
P111 | Nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome - case report
Tsekova N.*, Kirov K., Gavrilova I. (Bulgaria)
P112 | A rare case of pseudoepitheliomatous keratotic and micaceous balanitis successfully treated with 5-fluoro uracil
Bhargava S.* (India)
P113 | Different access to clinical trials for melanoma patients in western and eastern Europe
Ostafiichuk V.*, Kukushkina M., Kukushkina S., Korovin S., Diedkov S., Chornenkyi D., Boychuk S. (Ukraine)

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